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Art Museum Faculty Resource Guide: Home

This is a faculty resource guide composed of faculty testimonials and handouts for integrating the La Salle Art Museum into classroom instruction.

The La Salle Art Museum

The mission of the La Salle University Art museum is to further the University’s Lasallian educational objectives by helping students, other members of the University community and the general public to experience significant, original works of art in an intimate setting and to place them in meaningful contexts. In addition to acquiring, preserving and exhibiting its collections, the Museum offers viewers an opportunity to sharpen their aesthetic perception and to investigate the interrelationships which emerge between art and other disciplines.

Use of the Art Museum for Instruction by Discipline

There are many ways in which the collections have been used in the past and may be potentially used in the future for instruction. Past examples include the following:

Art History

  • Curator presented Japanese prints from the collection for Pat Haberstroh's class on "Art and Literature." (The novel the students were reading referred to Japanese prints).
  • Curator presented Indian miniatures for class on Asian Art.
  • Professors frequently self-tour the collection, which lends itself to instruction in the history of Western art from the Renaissance to the present.

Fine Arts

  • Curators regularly take out a selection of drawings from the Museum's storage to discuss techniques and media of drawing.
  • David McShane frequently self-tours the collection with his classes.


  • Curator talked to class about the representation of the human body in art using artworks from the collection.
  • Recent exhibition (Dec. 2009-Feb. 2010) focused on work by contemporary digital artist.


  • Curator gave series of Powerpoint presentations showing works not in the Museum's collection for Phyllis Betz's class. The curator related themes in art to themes in 19th- century literature.
  • Curator gave Powerpoint presentation on South African art showing works not in the Museum's collection for class on South African literature. • Curator explored comparative themes in religious art for class taught by Kevin Harty.
  • Curator explored ideas of identity vis-à-vis portraiture for classes taught by Madeleine Dean and Mitzi Brown.
  • Curator taught class on the elements of composition for a writing class.
  • Curator presented out of storage to discuss evolving ideas of landscape for a literature class.
  • Instructors frequently assign artworks in the collection for Creative Writing projects.


  • Curator gave presentation on Mexican retablos for Spanish class.


  • Professor toured exhibition of 19th-century French caricatures (the Buffoonish Bourgeois show).
  • A student of French language assisted the Curator with translating French captions into English.


  • Curator gave presentation on the Museum's Japanese prints to class of Japanese language.


  • Professors toured the exhibition on the Buffoonish Bourgeois and the show on Economic Justice in conjunction with their classes.
  • Curator presented on the Cuzco School of South American Art for Class by Mark Ratkus.


  • Curator regularly presents ancient Greek ceramics to classes reading Plato.
  • Curator presents topics related to themes in Philosophy, including museum ethics.

Social Work

  • Curator toured exhibition of women in art to discuss gender stereotypes.


  • Curators collaborated with graduate students in Psychology to mount exhibition "Here and Now: Multicultural Perspectives on the Present Moment."

Honors Program

  • Curator regularly presents artworks both on permanent display and in storage to students in Honors Program. Themes have included art of the Renaissance and 17th century, art of the 18th and 19th centuries and comparisons of the Renaissance and modern eras.


  • Classes toured the Buffoonish Bourgeois exhibition with the exhibition curator.
  • Curator presented images from the collection dealing with maritime history
  • Curator regularly presents on Japanese prints.
  • Curator presented Dutch 17th-century works from the collection.


  • Curators presented classes on religious symbolism in art.
  • Curators presented classes on themes in religious art.


  • The Museum collaborated with the Chemistry department to offer a workshop on dyeing with natural plant dyes.
  • Forthcoming collaborations include speakers on conservation.


  • The Museum was the subject of a class project on marketing.
  • Students focus on the Museum for short films.

Education Department

  • Day-long teacher training workshop is being organized to offer education students ideas about how to teach with art.

FYOs and the City-as-Classroom

  • Curators regularly offer both highlight and thematic tours of the Museum's collection.
  • Curators have developed a lecture to support City-as-classroom initiative.
Other possibilities (by no means exhaustive!) for additional use of the Art Museum for classroom instruction by discipline:


  • Explore economic themes in art with historical examples from the Museum's collection.
  • Curators can offer talks on how museums are run and other themes as they relate to the "business" of museums.


  • Classes on the history of Italian art from the collection.


Classes on the history of German art from the collection.


  • Explorations and discussions of art and aesthetics.


  • Classes on perspective, proportion and the use of mathematical principles in art.


  • Classes in naturalism in art. What is natural? Classes on the history of Italian art from the collection.

Geology and Geography

  • Classes on the ways in which the natural environment has been portrayed in art.


  • Classes on the representation of the human body.
  • Honing observation skills through the study of artworks in the Museum's collection.


  • Classes to encourage students to consider how images communicate to the viewer.