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General guide to life sciences

Before starting your library research

In order to use our library effectively, you MUST update your library account.  This is not done automatically upon registration. Without an updated library account, you cannot submit an Interlibrary Loan for material we do not have.

  • If you attend classes on campus, go to the Checkout desk in Connelly Library at the beginning of the fall semester to update your account.  It only takes a  few minutes.  If you take summer classes you must update at the start of the summer semester as all accounts expire at the end of the spring semester.
  • If you are a Distance Education student or a Bucks County student follow these links to get to the forms to submit your updated information for summer and fall semesters. Remember that the forms you submit will be downloaded and updated the next vusiness day by the library staff. It is not done by robots!

Always start your research at the Connelly Library homepage.

Tour of the Cell

A Tour of the Cell (National Science Foundation)

See animated tour of a cell from the National Science Foundation. Click on the parts of the cell to get a basic explanation of its role.

Website (


Use the library catalog to find books.