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Art Museum Faculty Resource Guide: Religion

This is a faculty resource guide composed of faculty testimonials, online resources, and ideas for integrating the La Salle University Art Museum into classroom instruction.

La Salle University Art Museum


La Salle University Art Museum is a place of community engagement, educational inquiry, and interdisciplinary exploration - offering visitors of all ages and from all walks of life, opportunities to learn about original artworks, their historical contexts, and their continuing relevance.


The mission of the La Salle University Art Museum is to further the University’s Lasallian educational objectives by helping students, other members of the University community and the general public to experience significant, original works of art in an intimate setting and to place them in meaningful contexts. In addition to acquiring, preserving and exhibiting its collections, the Museum offers viewers an opportunity to sharpen their aesthetic perception and to investigate the interrelationships which emerge between art and other disciplines.

Exploring Religion Sample Assignment by Brother Joseph Dougherty, FSC

     From the Exploring Religion course description -

"A study of religion that introduces students to religious symbols and rituals, as well as ideas about God and gods, salvation, death, evil, human suffering, and myths. This course also explores how religion affects social values, ethics, economics, and politics, as well as the positive impact that religions can exert to encourage people to work for justice and the common good."

A Sample Art Museum Visit Exercise (Download)

1. Goals
  a. familiarity with the La Salle's greatest non-personnel asset
  b. practical exercise in focused meditation
    i. not religious, but aesthetic
      (1) only Western religions make such a distinction
      (2) processes are quite similar
  c. meditate and savor and learn about one work
    i. use local resources
  d. complete and share viewing guide

II. Process
  a. introductions
    i. Br Joe and Dr Vendelin
    i. not religious, but aesthetic
  b. chose partners
  c. browse the gallery
  d. focus on one paining or sculpture
    i. work individually or in pairs
    ii. no repeats from previous courses
    i. study the painting by viewing guide
      (1) focus on relax and enjoy
    iv. no restrictions to religious themes/subjects
      (1) all beauty is sacred

III. Coaching
  a. share "your" artwork with a seperate team
    i. review orally your teams viewing guide
    ii. converse to improve both your
      (1) perceptions and the
  b. thank your partner and your buddies
  c. submit viewing guides to teacher

Previous Art Museum Presentations for Religion Classes

Curators presented classes on religious symbolism in art.

Curators presented classes on themes in religious art.