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Using Summon to Find e-Reference

Summon, our Web Scale Discovery software allows you to easily find content in e-Reference books. It does not cover ALL our e-Reference books, but new material is being added all the time


The Connelly Library has been creating a collection of electronic versions of Reference Books for a number of years.

These e-books are an excellent place to start doing research on a subject.  The articles you can find in them will give you background information, provide ideas for narrowing or refocussing your search and usually include a list of further readings which will give you a good start on finding the best material available on your topic.

How do you find articles in these books?

There are a number of ways

1. Use Summon to find e-Reference, as explained in the box to the right.

2. Try checking the e-Reference Collections found on the tab in this LibGuide.  There are descriptions of the topics covered.  When you search these collections, you are searching the full text of the articles in the books.

3Use our catalog to identify e-Reference materials.

Using Summon to find e-Reference - a video tutorial