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AMA Style Guide

PLEASE NOTE: AMA Style requires you to use journal abbreviations from the NLM (National Library of Medicine) - Find them here

DOI - if you need help with DOI see this page

AMA Style Guide (University of Washington)

Good LibGuide from the University of Washington's Health Sciences Library. Please ignore links that are specific to that library's subscriptions.

AMA Style Guide (Dr. Abel Scribe)

The American Medical Association Manual of Style provides instructions for authors and editors preparing research papers for review and publication in research journals and texts The latest edition (2007) is over 1000 pages. The essential features of the style are distilled in AMA Medstyle Stat! to craft papers in final format, the format appropriate for papers prepared for classes, conferences, and seminars.  The above link is to a PDF you can print out.  See more about AMA Medstyle Stat! here

AMA Style Guide (University of the Sciences) - this site gives a quick overview of citation styles

You can also use RefWorks to help you with correct citations

Summon for Nutrition material

You can use Summon to search for just Diet and Clinical Nutrition material in the box above. To search all subjects simultaneouly go to the Summon tab.

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