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Department of Special Collections


Material in this collection includes:

Writings by and about St. John Baptist de La Salle; biographies of beatified/canonized Christian Brothers; periodicals and books about the Christian Brothers in the United States and around the world; histories of Christian Brothers from the perspectives of the Baltimore District and internationally; information about specific colleges and universities conducted by the Christian Brothers globally; the latest documentation in the Shared Mission and Lasallian Family themes.

Many additional titles and items of interest are available in the Archives of the Baltimore Province of the De La Salle Christian Brothers, housed on the campus of La Salle University in the same facility as the Archives of La Salle University.   

For more resources on La Salle and his legacy, please visit our Library Guide on the Lasallian Tradition..   



The Lasalliana Collection is housed in the Department of Special Collections. The entire Collection is displayed in the Reading Room and can be directly accessed and browsed. The Department of Special Collections has special research hours, and does not circulate material. Browse the full shelflist of titles in the Lasalliana Collection.