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Vietnam television

The Imaginative Representations of the Vietnam War Collection contains thousands of examples of the portrayal of the Vietnam War in popular culture. This collection, curated by John S. Baky, is constructed with an intent to explore how explicit traumatic cultural phenomena may be interpreted through creative means. It is the largest collection of literary and creative works on the Vietnam War in the world; comprising over 20,000 books of fiction and poetry together with more than 3,500 non-print items. More than 2,000 films and videos are available; including narrative, commercial (Hollywood), pornographic, and art films, as well as documentary films and extensive TV-generated material. 

The Vietnam Collection is intentionally limited to imaginative literature and the visual arts. Its range allows for systematic comparison of post-1975 presentations of the war and pre-1975 material. The Collection aims to raise questions and document the sources of developing myths about the war experience, measuring the impact of the original event by seeing how the experience is presented to the public through imaginative renderings. 

Read an essay on the content and research uses of the Imaginative Representations of the Vietnam War Collection. Written by John Baky, Curator.

Read articles, conferences papers, and interviews that explore topics in the Vietnam Collection.


Directory of Archival and Manuscript Collections related to the Experience of the Vietnam War

The aim of this directory is to record the locations of archival and manuscript collections related to the experience of the Vietnam War. The primary focus is to create a guide to the papers and writings of American veterans whose views were shaped by their wartime experiences. This directory was created by Sarah Seraphin, Special Collections Librarian for the Connelly Library, La Salle University


Interview with artist Jane Irish. War Is Not What You Think, a collaborative exhibition between the La Salle University Art Museum and the Connelly Library ran from January 17 to March 29, 2012 in both locations.

View the archived Exhibition online!



Philadelphia artist Jane Irish first visited the Imaginative Representation of the Vietnam War Collection over ten years ago. That visit inspired over a decade of artwork, which combines imagery of the Vietnam War and Vietnamese landscapes along with poetry of the era. In January of 2012, the Connelly Library and the La Salle University Art Museum partnered to mount a dual exhibition that explored Irish’s unique cross-disciplinary work. View the digital archive of the exhibition.

In 1999, Rick McCarty of Mt. Vernon, Indiana, turned to art to heal the psychological wounds of combat in Vietnam in 1971. A collection of 42 drawings by Rick McCarty is preserved in Special Collections, and can be viewed online.

Additional digital features exploring the topic of art and war can be browsed through the Connelly Library's Digital Collections platform.


The Vietnam War Filmography includes citations for reviews and criticism of all known theatrical films, television movies, and television drama series related to the Vietnam War.

The Annotated Bibliography of Vietnam War Film Criticism includes monographs, theses, chapters in books, articles in collections, periodical and newspaper articles, book reviews and World Wide Web sites which discuss three or more dramatic films related to Vietnam's wars in the twentieth century.


Published between 1989 and 1996, Vietnam Generation and its accompanying newsletter served as a premier source of essays, artwork, poetry and other materials for the field of Vietnam War studies. When the journal ceased publication, the Vietnam Generation archives were sent to the Connelly Library Department of Special Collections.